Monday, November 1, 2010

Minors: Life After Emergence

On October 13th 2010, 33 Chilean minors were rescued after being trapped underground for over 2 months. According to, medical experts state that the men ranging from the ages of 19 to 33, will experience a series of health complications.

According to ABC News, Dr. Schachter who is a medical director at Mt. Sinai in NYC, expects respiratory infections. Dr. Schachter is the director of respiratory care department. Such infections would due to the poor air quality in the mine.

Another concern is apparently fungal risks according to ABC News. Conditions such as "athlete's foot" and "jock itch" can potentially be experienced by the minors. Although not life-threatening such conditions are known to be extremely uncomfortable while taking months to disappear.

There's been a lot of speculation concerning the minors' eyes. Many worried that light exposure after months of darkness could result in retina damage. Yet, according to Ivan Schwab a professor of opthalmology in University of California Davis School of Medicine, their eyes should adapt over time just fine.

The last physical medical concern is the minors' teeth. Some of the minors reportedly have developed gingivitis according to ABC news. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums.

Other than that, the minors seem to be doing well. Doctors state that they are looking at some unknowns considering it's the first time people have been rescued after being trapped for so long. For now, they really don't know what else to expect after such a rare and celebratory event.